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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> good evening everyone. welcome to al jazeera america i'm john seeing enthraller in new york. >> i don't understand how this can be a benefit that is withheld. i won't ever understand it. >> be benefits denied. the mother of a fallen serviceman outraged by the shutdown and the foundation stepping in to help. >> i think we all agree, mr. president, more needs to be done to strength strengthen the. >> taking charge. the woman that president obama wants to be the next fed chief and the road to nomination. the mission to jupiter.
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what nasa will try to uncover about the solar systems large efltd planet. planet -- largest planet. the shutdown day nine zblorchlts. >> there are outrage as american family's hosewhose children are killed in action a casket draped with the american flag? >> carrying the remaining of private first class toby patterson one. >> he is making dover air force base. >> they are treating the dpamedlies of servicemen with
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dignity. the families are not receiving the 100,00 $100,000 in among get benefits paid out in 36 hours to help pay for costs like funeral services. shannon collins the mother of jeremiah cool linls also killed in afghanistan last weekend. returned home in similar fashion on monday. for the sacrifice our kids are making at the age they are making them, i don't understand how this can be a benefit that is withheld. i will not ever understand it. >> retired colonel david brooks agrees. he is a familiar bring friend of sergeant patrick hawkins another weekend fatality in afghanistan. corn brooks says the government has a responsibility to take care of these families when servicemen give their lives for our country. >> i think our government should give to those especially to those like sergeant hawkins who put his true test on the line.
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>> since the government shutdown began 26 military members have died. the bad press has forced the defense department to scramble a work around. they are relying on a veterans non-profit called the fisher house foundation to pay out benefits until the government is reomed. >> i a head coach full this is t a tempt pore roy measure the secretary satis he hopes they will reimburse for the cost and his personal outrage and embarrassment over the issue is urging congress to restore funding by the federal government. >> and while the shutdown has caused heart age for the family of fallen trooms and left thousands of federal workers without paychecks, members of congress have nice perks open to them. and a vai inter to them. their private gym and sauna and spa are open to members of congress while many others go without.
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polite cat reporter has been writing about this issue and he joins us now from washington. hi byron. how are you thanks for having me. >> tell us about these perks. well, one of the biggest perks of being a member of congress is use of the capital complex itself. the complex has a pretty nice gym for both the house and the senate side. there is also everything you can possibly want, there is a barber shop, a shoe shine and all manner of other viruses for members of congress. many of those are shuttered but one thing that does remain available for members is the congressional y and everything that ghoases along with it. a spa and sauna and other facilities. >> and that is considered essential is that correct? >> well here is it the things. there are no staff there right now. so, the members of congress have access to the facility, but no one is cleaning it, there is no one manning it. and personnel have been sent home.
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but it's still a benefit that members of congress enjoy white more than 500,000 federal employees without paychecks and have been furloughed. >> and this is sort of especially poignant on the day we talk about familys of fallen soldiers who are not getting ben fillets, right? certainly ther there is a lot of outrage about the shutdown. the milled tribenefits did is one issue and national parks have been chessed. and generally the foster quiteses have been difficult or impossible to attain for a lot of americans. and so this really strikes achord that the health club and the sauna and the gym remain open to members of congress while especially in the d.c. region hundreds of thousands of people have been sent home or going without a paycheck. >> i read in your story you asked speaker boehner to comment on this and what happened? >> well the speaker's ostles city clienld a comment and they
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referred all questions to the architect of the capital. that is basically the building manager of the capitol dom plex. they said members of congress are allowed to use the facility and have been given keys to it. there is no one staffing it. no one is cleaning it or providing towels the facility is open and a vale if they choose to use it. >> now our libby casey has been on capitol hill all day. it seems like a lot of people are upset about this whole issue of the fallent servicemen not getting the money they are entitled to. but there has been an attempt to find a solution. what are you hearing right now. we heard the fisher house has stepped up to filth the void. the house did pass a bill today that got that back up and running and got unanimous support and at the same time the
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white house is working on this issue auto. a united voice here in washington people are outraged like americans are over this. it cannot continue that these families need that money. especially at a give time in their lives. of course, you know, john the real solution is to get the federal government back up and running and that is something that is not moving forward too quickly. >> what are you hearing on that froonlt. >> we are watching to see what is developing but there is talk of doing some kind of a short term deal. it's for the best hope at this point. all stiedz are saying that there may be some potential there. we are stuck with this issue the senate democrats and president obama saying we have got to come to some sort of a closure. of the federal government shutdown. we have to get people back up to work. and we have too deal with the debt ceiling and then we can talk. and then we have to go in order. we have to use the debt ceiling as a point of leverage one thing
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that is off the table is obamacare. you are seeing fewer and fewer republicans use that as a fighting point. the focus has shifted to the debt ceiling and talking about fiscal issues and debt and things like that. >> libby casey on capitol hill. let's turn to mike viqueira at the white house. what are you hearing there? the lines are open between president obama and john boehner. are they being used at all. the last entertainment they picked up the phone and called the speaker of the house was yesterday morning. it got absolutely no where and the only time that the president speaks with john boehner is he has to negotiate. they feel like this strategy around the hard line strategy the president is not going to be held ransom and his healthcare law is not going to be ransom for the simple function of funding the government or raising the debt ceiling, somethings that is the core responsibility of congress. that is starmtding to sink in among republicans and that is
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the belief here at the white house. est president obama is sitting down with local stations to do interviews includings richmond virginia's. which is part of the eric can't tore's district what is the president's trying to accomplish with these interviews. >> this is a messaging technique that the white house has used many times in the past whether it's the campaign for the healthcare law to get that past or many other issues. you take a look at the march ee they chose. and richmond it's not only eric cantor the majority leader in the house. there are republican members stretching over to tiedwater virginia with a heavy military predges. one of those members is a republican from that area of virginia who is feeling is a lot of anxiety. he expressed it publicly the way this and going fob rums. this is designed to put pressure on those members. another member the president granted an interview is philadelphia. there are rums in those counties
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around philadelphia if there coon be swing gist stricts that remain in this country. there are certainly those. charlie defnlt another republican there and another market he chose was washington, d.c. and a high consens trace of furloughed government work rgs and tampa florida. a big military presence there and a lot of retirees there and where the president talks about the social security and 9 threat of having the checks o if the debt is excited and the country goes no into city fault. >> let me talk to you about what libby said a little while calgary. she said obamacare is off the table. >> you can look at the tea leaves. eric cantor and paul ryan, paul ryan the chairman of the house budget committee. and very influential. they both wrote in newspapers where they z not mak make that linkage between obamacare and government fund being.
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all of a sudden the people started to talk about the republicans are backing away. john boehner was on the house and go bring the subject up. he did make that linkage explicit. i think you are seeing the attitude of senate republicans form the most part who have been urging the house coven at the parts to come off of is this. we talk about the toe holds or the openings that are opening up here and there. the fundmental problem remains forejohn bay nor. if he is going too come to a resolution. to solve these problems that the country faces right now and that is the house republicans that are not buying it. they are suspicion with president obama the president invited the house republican conference to the white house here tomorrow. they are sending leadership and committee chairman. they are not sendings the ranks and file. they don't want that seen here with the tea party for many reges. the tea party is supicious of president obama and they are suspicion for john boehner. they have seen this movie before
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where the rug gets pulled out from under them. >> we do read the tea leaves and i rely on you to gift your view. is toda give your view. is today different than any other day. there is little movement visessible to the public. you look at this and you scrutinize it and every little movement gets exaggerated. >> nancy pelosi and her no. two the house democrat whip took a trip across stattary hall into john boehner ace olfson where they met with boehner and eric canter a meeting that lasted 450 minutes. zblrnlings the speakers' olfsone told us that they asked for that meeting. a lot of people wondering what went on around that closed tightly held meeting and whether
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the seeds of th of agreement cod have been planted at that time. >> the democrat leaders in the house the point people on this or not. >> the point people and there is one person harry reid and he has carried the lotted. load. he go gerbeat negotiate around t ceiling in 2011. he doesn't regret the spirit he entered the negotiations and he regrets how it ended up with the sequester and the failed initiatives and the sequester almost universally reviled by house democrats. he said he is not going to do it again they left it to harry reid to dpoo do th do the dirty work. as they try to work around the house democrats and the piecemeal bills. opening the parks and helping the veterans and rejecting one
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after another is harry reid. they are marching in lock step. the democrats at this point by and large and it's hopin helpinm in this stand off. and the republicans are fractured. >> mike viqueira varchtio thanky much. president obama anowdgesze annos choice for the next federal research chair. if confirmed by the senate she would be the first woman to lead the world's most powerful central bank. january eljanetgegeljanet yelle. more need to be done. particularly for those that are hit the hardest with the recession we have made pr progr. the economy is stronger and the financial system is sounder. >> patricia has more on janet yellen. a historic nomination for a *68 of 67-year-old economist whose insider knowledge of the fed
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goes back 30 years. janet yellen influence is of evident. >> she has brought into the bernake said this explicit roll for labor march coats. she has brought herself into the fed. the most important dhal wheel l. they expect they may take their foot o of off the gas by the new year. >> if something horrible hams from the budget debate and the fiscal policy and the economy suffers they'll wait. >> not everyone is convinced that yel yellen will pull back n enough. the main concern of conservatives is that monetary policy has little effect on the economy. unless it pr produces inflation. and this policy may be takent to
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that extreme. >> yellen is credited to spearheading a communication strategy that lifted the vale of secrecy from the fetd. fed zplinchts and iand isfatted ee faced with a crisis she can st react. >> she has a stiff spine. she is not someone that rolls over. when the decision is made she can be forceful about why they need to be made. hello again, we are going to take you to the indian ocean where we are looking to the bay of bengal for the my cyclone. the problem of the bay of bengal is the way it is shaped. when a storm is formed here they have to no place to go. but make land fall. that is what is going to happen on saturday. we have india and bangladesh and
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mirmar. and now the track is going to take it to the northwest. but anything to the right of that track is where we are going to be seeing the biggest problem. because of the circulation of the storm. the indian coast and th parts of bangladesh. we have a lot of low-lying area as well on saturday we are going to be watching. some people say this is going to be e equivalent to a adequate cy three hurricane. encouraging democracy in egypt. still ahead. the changes in u.s. policy to it's military. >> ridding syria of home chemicl weapons. the challenge that u.n. insuspecinspectors to face dead.
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the u.s. will hold back cash asises dance to egypt until the country makes more progress to democracy. >> the deadline will be met. that is what the organization says that is working to rid syria of it's chemical weapons. so far they are cooperating with inspectors. barn by phillips reports from the major. >> the hague the head of the prohibition of chemical westminster. gives his first pr progress rept on the mission to syria. >> this is an extraordinary administration for it's unprecedented and we are at the beginning o of the difficult process? >> can you tell us about the interaction between the officals and the syrian government. what is the nature of the
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dialogue and the contact you are having with the syrian government? >> the cooperation has been constructive. the original team of 19 inspectors has been reinforced by a further 12. it's a small team. it will rely on the syrian government and the u.n. to provide it with security as it tries to move around th country. there were many questions that officals would not eangs at i at this press briefing. this is day nine. we wanted to know if they were going to succeed in man dismantling all of syria's weapons. >> it seems like an encouraging beginning and it's bound to be a long and difficult process. all of the time the war rages on. the video from the three syrian
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army shows the capture of a military base. a moment of triumph and a chance to stock up on valu valuable miy supplies for the fighting that is to come. >> in new york human rights toarnlingstoarnsesattorneys fil. victims of a deadly cholera epidemic. the al jazeera program fault lines has been reporting on the epidemic in haiti. sebastian walker went to the u.n. and the secretary general moon looking for earcheses. zblfnltd one explanation is there is no compensation being paid to the family of the victims. >> i have made it clear the reason why this case is not. >> was it your decision
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ultimately? whose decision was it in the end. >> yes it was my decision. and based on careful consideration. >> do you think it's the right decision? >> in i think so. >> for the family of the victims. why don't you talk to my legal council. counsel. he ihe issebastian walker is hek about that legal battle and the ongoing epidemic. sebastian let's go back. how did the cholera get there tn the first place? >> i was the correspondent based in haiti when the cholera broke out. >> it was not seen there before. >> there was no recorded cases of the disease being there at all. >> then the u.n. came in.
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at first the cholera was a huge crisis is tha that we saw peoplg in a space of a few hours. nobody knew what the illness was. it was only until weeks following that people started to trace the spread of the disease. we followed these images and rumors that the u.n. was to blame on a base of a town near the capital an capitol and saw . workers cleaning up a sewage spill and we if if i filmed thd asked the u.n. if they had anything to do with the out break. within months the investigation have been done and the scientistingscientist tisescientists have done surveye u.n. has refused to acknowledge the issue. >> they are not telling you anything about this. the lawsuit ghet gets filed and explain what it's asking for. >> it's the latest step in an
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ongoing process. the lawyers representing families of the victims who died from cholera started with legal claims against the u.n. in december of 2011. the u.n. refused to respond to those claims for a year and a half. finally responded and abruptly dismissed the claims out of hand. finally the this is the latest stage in the process and it's prep stifrepresentative of what. why are you going back to haiti. it's fallen from the head linings buheadlinesbut the disen impact. it's killing a thousand haitian as year. >> is the union involved in u.nn
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trying to help people there? >> they are putting rise resours and effort in trying to help the crisis. for the families of those that lost their loved wage wages lovt answers. the lawsuit is really just an attempt to force the u.n. to engage. >> i know will you continue to follow this story and i know you will come back and bring us more information on it. >> he isebastian thank you very much. >> computer skills have won three u.s. based scientists for chemistry. they are honored for developing computer models for computer reactions the it's helped desigw drugs and solar panels.
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good evening evening it's wo home for the pirates and the carcardinals. the winner will go on to play the dpo dodgers. young guns and garrett coal against the pirates and adam wainwright. we are scoreless in the second inning. >> the yankees have resigned joe girardi for a four-year contract. he has guided them to the post season including the 27th word championship in 2009. the yankees have gone a major league best 564 and 408. that is a 58% winning average since he came in 2008. al deden smith was charged h felony charges of possession of
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an assault weapon. he is on a leave of absence from the team under going treatment for a substance abuse following a dui arrest. we'll have more sports news coming up later here on al jazeera.
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america. here are the headlines. president obama choice to be the next federal reserve chair says more needs to be done to strength enthe us economy. janet yell len is vice chair right now. she will likely continue the stimulus strategies if the senate confirms the nomination, yellen will be the first woman to lead the fed. the house has voted to reinstate dead benefits for american sealed yours. the government shutdown suspense eed the payments.
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meetings are being held at the white house to end the nine day shutdown. the house g.o.p. was invited to a meetings tomorrow. meeting tomorrow. but a spokesperson for john boehner says only leader ship and select members will attend. they want to continue talks on deficit reduction and affordable care act in any discussion about ending the shutdown the debt ceiling is approaching and constitutional experts are weighing in whether the president has the ability to go around congress and raise the ceiling himself. with me is elizabeth fo foley. welcome professor. >> good evening. >> how are you? explain this debate that is going on in the legal community. i read a couple things recently about this. you said the president doesn't have the power to raise the debt ceiling him self.
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>> that is right. thithis point is crystal clear m a constitutional perspective. article one section eight of the constitution gives congress the solsoul power to borrow money on behalf of the united states. if you look at article two you will see no power remotely close to the power of borrowing money. congress has the power of the purse and if the president chooses to disregard the debt ceiling established by congress he is acting unconstitutionally. >> they rely on section four of the 14th amendment. the validity of the public debt of the united states authorized by law shall not be questioned, and you say that does not apply. >> it doesn't apply. >> what it says is the have a vy of the public debt is not to be
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quetd. questioned and what debt means it means in typical situations. >> it means in situations that the united states is a debt or and is borrowing money from auto creditor. that is u.s. treasury bonds and savings bonds and other financial obligations. section four of the 14th amendment means the constitution guarantees it's debt. which means why we have a great credit rating and always will. we can't always default on our debt and debt again has a narrow meaning. let me give you an idea of what this functionally means the united states takes in three trillion dollars in revenue. and toker is visio to service o. it takes $420 billion. we have seven times more revenue coming in that is required to pay our public debt.
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we will not default on our debt. we may not be able to pay our statutory obligations things like social security and medicare and the like. even then after you take out the 422 bh$420 billion in debt. we have 4 trillion coming in every year to pay obligations like social security and medicare. >> we didn't bring in anyone on the other side to talk about this. do you want to venture a guess on why it is they believe that president obama has the constitutional authority to do this. >> it's an interesting question and what i have seen written thus far in scholarly circles. the debt include statutory obligations to pay social security and medicare. to be frank i don't see how any anyone can make that argue. argument. the later part after the one you
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quoted makes a clear distinction between debt and obligations around claims. those are clearly distinct things and they mean specific legal things. and debt is debt. and there is no other good argue. foargument for slicing it other weisz. we had a report from moody's saying the exact same thing they don't expect the failure to pass a continuing resolution or the failure of congress to raise the debt ceiling to in any way to affect the credit rating of the united states. the only way it would, is if the president some how takes a crz position that he is not going to pay the bonds or the debt of the united states which would be absolutely insane. >> that is an interesting discussion. elizabeth price goa foley is in maple tonight. miami tonight. thanks for being here.
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thanks for having me. >> texas is the most dangerous states for construction workers. because of the shutdown 90% of the occupational health and safety inspectors are not on the job that is raising concerns at construction sites. >> at the dallas ovtion o offs e osha sits almost empty with all but two inspectors furloughed. a construction site blocks away buzzes with activity. during the government shutdown owosha will investigate cases of zbraigrave danger and death. that level leaves construction s that is predominantly latino and foreign born at greater risk for exploitation. this paymente painter is worrie?
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there could be more accident he says. >> he is a member of the w -- workers defense project. >> it found texas to be the most dangerous place in the country for construction workers. the state is the only one in the nation without mandatory worker's com comp ensayings . >> the -- compensation. 990 percent of osha employees were furloughed. a call to the reporting line leads to a recording. >> you have reached the osha office. due to so suspension of the fed government workers we are not able to answer your call. >> 2000 workers died in 2010. 2012. and now the activit activists wt
8:38 pm
the cour contractors could havea lack of oversight. >> without the fear of os. oshat employers will take advantage and the industry will become more deadly. >> a co-worker died three years ago. he knows construction is a dangerous business. more so with osha off the job. >> even when the government is fully funded, it's not always smooth sailing for the financially struggling u.s. postal service. there is win typ one time type l service that is managing to stay afloat. the detroit liver is what separate -- detroit river iswhas
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from the canadian border. in 1949 jw west dltion cott was commissioned by the u.s. postal service to deliver mailing. and they are still at it. bill redding and sam buchanan operate one of the few floating post offices in the world and the only one in the u.s. moving alongside the ship without stopping sam and bill deliver letters, food, supplies and even the captains who man the freighters. >> at one time this was the world's most busiest water way. >> the internet has slowed the volume of snail mail and thrown the u.s. post office into fiscal turmoil. j.w. westcott is still managing to stay above water. >> we are still getting letters.
8:40 pm
folks are still writing lergs. the reason is on the lakes you don't have reliable communication in terms of phones and internet. >> j.w. westcott has been delivering mail for a year. like the post office this boat has it's own zip code. once the downtown post office sees that zip code they bundle everything together and bring it down int in the morning. neither rain, nor sleet, or snow keeps these appointed men from their delivery on the water. when the lakes freeze over in the winter they shutdown and patiently wait for the ice to thaw.
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>> we are dedicated to get the stuff delivered, that's for sure. we care about the people we service. >> while the u.s. postal service may be on thin ice. this one of a kind delivery service may indeed be hard to sink. >> it's the biggest sling shot you have ever seen when we come back whipping a space ship around the earth to reach the biggest planet in our solar system. and coming up in sports. the inspiring story of a high school signo senior who refusedo give up his football dreams.
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it is a pivotal day in the fascinating saga in america's
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mission to jupiter. today a grap gravitational slint sent the juneau spacecraft on it's way. and people lives in partle of south africa why able to see juneau some 350 miles above the earth as it passed over head. jacob ward is the etd tore and chief of popular science magazine and he is here with us from the planetarium at the lawrence hall of science at the berkley campus in california. jake it's thank you for being here. thanks for being here. thank you john good to be here. >> tell us about this sling shot. >> how did it work? >> the gravitational pull of the earth is knife to pick up momentum and harness it. you can't get to 650,000 miles an hour without using it. as you say it passed over south africa this afternoon gaining
8:44 pm
165,000 miles an hour speed which will send it on it's way to jupiter. >> when did it launch from earth and what has it been doing until this sling shot? >> what is amazing about the juneau program for the last two years it's been gaining momentum using the gravity of the sun and it's done a full rotation of the sun and using the gravity of erlt to pick up another burst of speed as if you had atathed another rocket to it. it's going to take another three years to get to jupiter. >> when it gets to jupiter what will happen then? efnl well in mythology the good jupiter covered himself in a cloud, a vale of cloud. and his wife juneau was the only one that could see thank you them and see his true nature. that is the name of the space kr569. we are looking inside of the veil of clouds to get a closer look at the largest planet in
8:45 pm
the solar system. >> we don't know what the core is made of and there is an extraordinary retd dot that is a storm. at least 300 years old and as wide as threers. we don't know how deep it is and what it does. in learning more about the planet jupiter we are going to learn more about the planet in general. juneau self desstructs after the mission is complete why is that? >> it's going to take so long to get there. and then it can transmit images back. after it does 33 orbits of the planet and maps it so completely with all of it's instrumenttion it doesn't make sense to send it back. it's going to commit or by al suicide and dior bitting an --d. how does this compare to other
8:46 pm
space missions? >> this is southernly one of the most complicated and it crosses an incredible amount of space. earth based telescopes can pick up jupiter easily. it's so far away that the technology used on board of the spacecraft is frozen in time essentially. i have got here in my pocket and eyi-phone that came out in 2007. that is it a five-year old phone no one is using those anymore. the ground crew has to use this frozen technology the entire time it's traveling to jupiter and use it to tip itself into orbit. >> i don't know anyone who has that i-phone. zplerchlt wwe have near interesy about outer space coming up. >> it started out as a middle-school science experiment. students were trying to win a
8:47 pm
international contest that would send their project to the international space station. the win h winner is an 11-year-. he came up with an idea to make a small microbrewery to make beer. let's brin bring him in. it's good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> how did you come up with this idea? >> i chose beer because when we were researching possible ideas, another teen from california a couple of years back sent the ingreeingredients to make wine n space. and so, i thought, like why not beer. because of something i had read in a book, again a few years back, showed that beer could be used as a way of having a clean
8:48 pm
water source and alcohol and the beer can have medical properties so if anyone is wounded, it candiccan disinfect the person's wound and there for making them survive. >> it's really interesting idea. and what did the people that judge the contest say about this idea. >> um, well, i would imagine that they were very, very like you know, surprised. and that is why it went. it was something very different than what has been sent before. even though wine has been sent before, beer is very, very different. and it can be use used and it's pretty easy to make beer down on earth. and in space. let me bring back in jacob ward who is with popular science magazine.
8:49 pm
i understand you are a big fan of popular science is that right. >> that is right i su subscribeo popular science and i enjoy their imagin magazine. jake, what do you think of this idea? >> i think that is fantastic. first of all michael thank you for reading us that is awesome. i have heard of crazy things being sent to space. your logic is interesting. i want to know, what are you going to be when you grow up? i think we are all excited to make sue use of your talents? >> well, um, i have not really decided yet but it's definitely going to be something in the filed of science and technology. >> all right. that is fantastic. >> and who turned you on to beer making? i mean how does an 11-year-old figure out how to make beer? >> well s, again it was really
8:50 pm
just research. the more and more i research and the more and more i realize this could be used practically and not just as you know, like you know a party drink or whatever. it could actually have a real world appliance in long term space projects. we appreciate you bringing that project to us. it's a fascinating idea and as jacob said congratulations. great to see you both. thank you. >> an impressive young man only 11 years old. mike is here with sports. what do you have? i they drink a lot of beer at baseball games. speciaespecially in st. louis. the hopes are an entire season coming down to one game. the pirates and cardinals are in
8:51 pm
game five st. louis is leading 2-0. the bid hit came from mr. clutch hihimself and a two run home run and that is the score at the bottom of the third inning. we'll have more later tonight to see who has the rights to play in the national championship series against the dodgers. the yankees have anowrchessed the anowrches -- announced they have given joe girardi a new contract. they missed the play office fora second time. girardi carried them to the win in 2009. and in the n.f.l. the 1-and-3 washington red skins are trying to shake off their disappointing start. the players and coaches are having to deal with the distraction with the growing
8:52 pm
controversy surrounding the team's name. >> when it comes too names change we don't allow it to be a distraction. we don't allow anything going on. inside of these walls we have to focus on football and that is what the goal has to be. >> i'm not sure how many people saw the letter but personally i was glad he expressed how he feels in an ownership stand point. once the season starts i concentrate on football and i would like to do that. >> easier said than done. the overwhelming majority of young football players never played on high school. making the varsity team may be the highlight of their year. for one young man stepping onto the field was not a big achievement but stepping back on was. >> i was watching the game and it was just another play. i can still hear the sound. >> i didn't know it was him hurt at first.
8:53 pm
>> he lifted up his leg and it was just hanging there. >> on october 19, 2012 in the small town of warden, montana it was the last game of the season for the huntley project high school football time. when he broke his leg requiring immediate surgery. >> they felt something was not right and they did the surgery and took some of the muscle and we knew right then we were headed down the path that wasn't good. >> they had my mom and datd dadk the news to him. that he wo would either have a p leg for the left of his life and he would have to wear a brace or have an a amputation. he chose an amputation. >> after six surgeries he awaked awakened to the realzation that his life would not be the same. >> hoping you would wake up from a bad dream and looking down and seeing your leg it's not there
8:54 pm
any more. having accept it right there it's just hard. the doctor came in right away and was explaining to me and everything i was able to and wasn't able to do. i don't think he would be able to ply foo play football again e are other options. and i thought to myself, watch me after the doctors gave the okay to go home, he gave himself the okay to get back to work. >> i was looking at how many days i had until our first team camp. and you know that was the planned all along to be back by then. >> two months after his amputation he was on the mat wrestling but he was running and there was trying times. >> i could see it in his eyes he started crying. i can't do this. i can't do this anymore. and me and coach told him you can't give up. you have to prove them wrong. >> determined he was training harder than ever to achieve the
8:55 pm
goal set from his hospital bed. no. 7. in his return game he recorded two touch downs and a sack. >> it was like i'm back, i'm back. i'm not going anywhere this time. >> it was very emotional to see seven months of such hard work and to learn how to walk again. and to learn how to run. to learn how to laterally move and to know what it takes to play the game. >> it was on this field where a brokenbroken leg could have enda dream. but he had a dream not meant to be broken. his determination to rise again helped bring his life long dream too a reality. >> my heart sank when i read that e-mail i seriously called my mom i i., right away and it e me the butterflies. >> to see his face and what he wanted was continuing. and he knows what he worked for
8:56 pm
was paying off. >> john a couple of things to point out about coney doyle. one he plays in a lot of pain but it's something he plays through. and think of the determination and perseverance. it was a the game of football tt led to his amputation but it was the drive to get through the rehab to play football again. >> you see him lifting weights and wrestling and running track. and all of these things clearly football was his thing. he did so many things to get back there. >> absolutely. >> it was an impressive story. >> on the wrestling mat three months after his surgery. >> when we come back kevin has the weather.
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all 300 members have been invited. members have voted to reinstate death benefits to the families of american soldiers. the move now move ofs to the senate tan government shut down defended those payments. ap private foundation jumped in to cover the costs until the benefits are reinstateed. >> the sta


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